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Equium 7100S

Macro Performance, Micro Space

The Equium 7100S lets you reach speeds of up to 400MHz. Powered by the Intel Pentium II processors with 100MHz frontside bus speed and featuring AGP graphics, these new Equium desktop computers provide superior performance for even the most demanding applications.
  • Innovative Packaging: Dramatically reduce software configuration time by downloading software and performing system diagnostics without removing system from original packaging
  • Instant Access Door: Perform the most common system upgrades in less than 30 seconds
  • Common Components: Reduce qualification time by 66% since you only need to qualify one motherboard regardless of chassis
  • Build-to-order: Order the configuration that best meets your business's needs
  • Space Enhancing Design: Position compter according to any work environment or preference
  • Expert Intelligence Help: Reduce costs and increase productivity by solving problems at the desktop
  • Featured Configurations: For your convenience, we have identified several configurations that address the needs of many of today's businesses.

Equium 7100S
Part Number 7100S

Detailed Specifications:



Disk Drives






Pre-Installed Software


Integrated Devices

Network Support

Pointing Device

Power Supply






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